VoteRunLead is a New York City-based national organization dedicated to filling the political pipeline with diverse women through technology, training, and community that launched September 2014. Even though women are 51% of the population in the United States, women hold less than 20% of elected offices, with many states going in reverse. At the current rate of electing women, it will take approximately 105 years to reach gender parity. VoteRunLead seeks to hurry history and change this ratio.

Project Objectives

VoteRunLead bring the organization to launch in addition to tasked with overseeing the strategy and success of all marketing operations, the brand, community, automation, and service products. Although VoteRunLead had a team of expert trainers and political wonks who were uniquely invested in the success of the women they trained offline, there was no digital community or awareness of VoteRunLead as an entity online. After launch, VoteRunLead needed to be positioned as a major player not only in the women’s leadership space but also in the newly-emerging civic tech space. They needed to garner more traffic, convert site visitors to members, and have tools for precisely measuring Return on Investment (ROI).

Develop Strategy Roadmap, Campaign, and Content Plans

Comprehensive plans outlining strategy, objectives, and tactics drawing upon insights, mission, vision, and values with a user-centered approach to problem solving.

Design Personas & Journey Maps

Deep user research: interviews and insights. Developed user journeys and process engineering.

Competitive Research & Market Analysis

Research into comparative / competitive spaces and target markets to identify the total addressable market and serviceable addressable market for VRL.

Marketing & IT Stack Analysis

Conduct workshops and collaborative sessions with stakeholders to create actionable SWOT analysis.


Results by the Numbers


Traffic to the website was driven primarily by social media and email which drove 111,733 pageviews by 29,134 unique users

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Strategic content plan organically grew the email list from 0 to over 23,000 deeply-engaged subscribers


Built cross-channel communities reaching over 1 million people with 43,221 daily actively users

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Launched and facilitated 50, yearlong weekly webinars with +over 2,000 participants


As with any project, a thorough Discovery is the first step in developing a meaningful relationship with impact. Since VoteRunLead was a startup nonprofit without a year-over-year baseline, every single piece of the marketing discovery process had to be delivered for the very first time. The discovery was often revisited as new data became available and baselines were established.

  • Established a strategic content plan that organically grew the email list from 0 to over 23,000 deeply-engaged subscribers
  • VoteRunLead acquired 9,581 likes reaching 1,067,399 people with 33,597 who were talking about VoteRunLead through 1,947 shared pieces of content (pictures, posts, videos).
  • Across all social networks, 49,8969 stories were created by 43,221 unique users.
  • Traffic to the website was driven primarily by social media and email which drove 111,733 pageviews by 29,134 unique users.
  • Launched, advertised, and facilitated 50 yearlong weekly webinar training series that served over 2,000 participants.

Content Wins

  • Initiated lead generation and nurturing campaigns that attracted new members, corporate partnerships, and donors.
  • Aggressive SEO + SEM initiatives resulting in over 1,200 daily visits to the site.
  • Managed and nurtured the largest online database of politically viable women in the country.
  • Created ebooks based on existing content to act as lead magnets to entice those who had considered joining the VoteRunLead community into full-fledged members who participate in community and advocacy.

Leadership Contributions

  • Oversaw and collaborated with technical consult team, PR firm, and other offsite consultants.
  • Recruited and hired team members and volunteers.
  • Trained over 200 attendees at national in-person conferences on how to use digital media professionally.
  • Directed and implemented long-term digital strategies across email, website, and social networks.

Financial Impact

  • Developed pitch decks in collaboration with Founder resulting in $1M in corporate investors and sponsorships.
  • Secured $120,000 from Google to fund $10,000 monthly PPC spend with Google AdWords.

 Skills Utilized during Engagement

Talent Recruitment, Team Management, Comprehensive Marketing Discovery, Marketing & Digital Strategy, Content Strategy & Planning, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Pitch Decks, SEO, SEM, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Blogging, Community Management, Budget Management, Event Management, Webinars, Lead Magnets & Nurturing, HTML/CSS[/su_note]

Lead Magnet Ebook


The above 59-page ebook rounds up four of the most popular web clinics from 2015. After fundraising, the most frequent question asked at VoteRunLead is about the elected office(s) itself. “The Big 4: The Ins and Outs of Local Government,” breaks down the roles and responsibilities of City Councils, County Offices, State Legislatures, and School Boards with a dynamic and diverse group of women holding these positions right now.

Weekly Web Series 


VRL Live! is a virtual coaching series for women served up as free as web clinics. Launched in September 2014 with a strategic launch in 2015, the VRL Live! curriculum is meant to extend the proven in-person training programs to rapidly reach impact at scale. In addition to offering skills training and campaigning education, it also includes candid conversations with women who are currently political and civic leaders and allows participants to work with VoteRunLead alumni. After launching this flagship product, I facilitated over 50 web clinics that served over 2,000 participants.

National Women’s Leadership Conference


National Go Run 2015 was VoteRunLead’s world-class women’s civic leadership conference for women who want to make a difference in the world by speaking truth to power, acting on their leadership, getting inspired, and gearing up to run for political office. A combination of overseeing the PR team and directing the advertising strategy, over 200 women participated in over a dozen workshops and presentations about fundraising, voter registration, how to run for office, building power, fundraising, local leadership opportunities, networking, communications, and civic technology. 

Lead Magnet Micro Campaign (Turned Continuing Product)


VoteRunLead’s Invitation Nation tool motivated over 1,300 people to ask a woman they know to run for political office. That’s okay, but not great. We knew we could do better. Invitation Nation was relaunched at the end of 2015 through the campaign #FillTheRoom. My strategic design, positioning, and distribution plans resulted in over 1,000 accepted “nominations” which blew the original goal out of the water by 200%. These were women who were invited by someone in their lives to learn how to level up her leadership using VRL tools.

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