Buyer Persona Worksheet – Free Download

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Buyer Persona Worksheet - Free Download |

Personas are the Backbone of an Organization

Completing a Buyer Persona Worksheet to surface your ideal customer is paramount to any successful marketing plan. People are individuals and should be treated as such. So what is a persona? Put simply, they are representations of the “types” of people that you are appealing to with your product or service based on a combination of data and educated guesses. The point is to relate to each of these personas as actual human beings. It can be more than a little overwhelming to decide exactly how to put all the pieces together, but you’ve got to start somewhere. You will use the buyer persona worksheet to help guide you through this in-depth process. This worksheet has 11 different areas to consider when mapping out your personas. Each section has a brief, easy-to-understand explanation of exactly what you should be filling in for that particular section.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this three-page persona worksheet:

  1. Background
  2. Demographics
  3. Identifiers
  4. Communication Preferences
  5. Goals of the Persona
  6. Challenges of the Persona
  7. What you can do
  8. Real Quotes by the Persona
  9. Common Objections
  10. Marketing Messaging
  11. Elevator Pitch
Whew! I know it can seem like a lot, but this is an essential part of your marketing and content strategies. Never forget that you are talking to real people with real issues, goals, and objections. No one likes to be ‘sold’ to, and referencing your buyer persona worksheet when planning your campaigns will help ensure you’re speaking to what matters for your customers. It’s recommended that you make three to five personas to represent your audience. This number is big enough to cover the majority of your customers yet small enough to still carry the value of specificity. Let’s dig in! Simply fill out the quick form to get a copy of this worksheet sent straight to your inbox.  

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