What Builders Get Wrong About Social Media

Creating and maintaining social media for builders seems to be the most resisted marketing advice I offer. But here’s the reality: Google loves social media. So even if no one goes to your Facebook page, you can still benefit from social media activity. Google is likely to boost the organic rankings of the pool builder who is more active in social media. You want to show up in search results, right?

I believe the reason this tends to be such a heated issue is that there’s a lot of useless advice out there about the “right way” to do it. Most of it doesn’t even apply to builders and is flat out bad advice. It has to stop!

I’ve laid out my recommendations below of what you should (and also should not) be doing on social media.

What Pool Builders Should Do on Social Media

  • Create a Facebook local business page and post daily updates of all your different jobs in progress.
  • Take a picture of the homeowner’s backyard and with permission, tag them in any photos you share on your page. This will naturally inspire your customers to “like” and “share” your photos with all their friends. That means more visibility for you!  (You may have to upload the photo with your business page and then switch to your personal account to tag them.)
  • Do the same thing with Google+.  Remember, Google+ is imperative to show up in local search.
  • Create a Houzz account and post your very best pictures. It’s aok also to do this with Flickr and Pinterest, but it won’t have near the power of Houzz.
  • Create and actually manage an account with AngiesList.com. I’m talking about setting up your free account. You don’t have to advertise to do this.
  • In addition to keeping the above accounts updated on a regular basis, you should also create or update your accounts on YelpBingYahooMerchant CircleYP.com. Be sure those places display accurate and interesting information about your company.  Take full advantage of the opportunity on these platforms to display excellent photos and videos (if you have them).

What Pool Builders Should Not Do on Social Media

  • Don’t oversell anything on social media. Work the 80/20 rule. That is, 80% of your content is non-promotional, and only 20% is promotional.
  • Don’t tell people to leave your website to visit your social media pages. You want them on your site, and they may not come back once they leave.
  • Don’t spend too much time on Twitter. It’s not nearly as powerful as the accounts mentioned above.
  • Don’t be afraid of reviews. These are a good thing (even bad ones).

Extra Tip for Pool Builders that Offer Pool Service

The smartest “social communication” medium a pool service company can offer is not technically social media at all. It’s email.

You should send at least a monthly email to both your past and potential customers. Share your recommendations on how to take proper care of their pool. Include a link at the bottom to your contact landing page to schedule routine maintenance. If you don’t have a list of emails from these people, today is the day you should start collecting them.

Final Social Media Tips for all Pool Builders

  • Social Media does not replace sound marketing practices. Strategies for email, local search engine optimization, and lead capturing forms should and must be used in partnership with social.
  • Tag people or other businesses in your community as much as possible. This will increase your reach.
  • Don’t ever get political – unless you want to turn off two-thirds of your potential market.

That’s quite a to-do list! But you’ve got this! I want you to be as successful as possible in your community. The best way to ensure that happens is by leveraging social media in a way that makes sense for pool builders. Those of you who are currently using social for your business – what’s working? What’s not? Let me know in the comments.

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