Why Builders & Contractors Can’t Afford to Not Be on Angie’s List

I’m not going to sugar coat this. Builders and Contractors who are not on Angie’s List are actively working against themselves. It’s not just about collecting reviews (which you can do with Angie’s List), but it’s about building or maintaining your reputation in your local community and boosting your ratings in local search results. Frankly, Angie’s List is a disastrously overlooked and underutilized opportunity for powerful referrals.If you’re not already on Angie’s List, you should stop what you’re doing and start the (free) process right now. I’m going to step you through how to get set up later on in this article.

  • It’s completely free for businesses.
  • It’s now completely free for consumers.
  • It’s astonishingly easy.
  • It’s super quick to set up. It takes maybe 15 minutes, tops.
  • It allows you to upload photos, videos, your logo and more.
  • It provides a link back to your website, which is good for local Search Engine Optimization.
  • It’s an excellent place to collect valuable testimonials.

Consumers No Longer Have to Pay to See a Company’s Profile and Reviews


Angie’s List removed their member paywall in July this year. Anyone can now become a member without paying the previous ~$40/year fee, and reviews are now accessible by anyone. In the past only paying customers could read Angie’s List reviews or leave their own, but now anyone can use a free membership to browse.

Angie’s List is Great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

From an SEO standpoint, Angie’s List has always ranked well for your business name. They have a very strong domain authority and a trusted name. Now that reviews and company profiles are totally open and free to the public, it will only continue to raise the rankings for your business name. That makes it one of the strongest competitors for organic search results.

Angie’s List is Better than Yellow Pages

Being on Angie’s List means you are a “preferred builder.” That’s right! Rather than being lumped in with every other business or person-posing-as-a-business in town who has nothing extraordinary setting them apart, you’re now on a list that homeowners can and do trust.

Here’s the Number One Reason to Get on Angie’s List: IT WORKS!

Builders across North America are selling new products, remodels, and their services thanks to all the referrals and exposure they’re getting from Angie’s List. And it doesn’t cost them a dime. Can you say the same thing about you and your business?

So I’ve been trying to figure out why every builder isn’t already doing this, and I think there are a few reasons.

  1. Service providers believe they have to pay to be on Angie’s List. Not true! Simply “being” on Angie’s List in their preferred directory doesn’t cost a cent. While you can spend money advertising on Angie’s List, that’s not what I’m advising here. It’s the FREE LISTING I’m encouraging you to get.
  2. Like much of the rest of social media and digital marketing, a lot of builders just aren’t “on board” with the concept of “word-of-mouth-gone-digital,” a.k.a. Social Media. Either that or they just don’t have the time to “deal” with it. (I do!)
  3. Here’s the other thing I won’t sugar coat for you: If you’re a poor builder or contractor with lousy customer happiness, you will likely go down in flames. But that’s the whole point of Angie’s List. Homeowners everywhere are trying to protect themselves from untrustworthy service providers. If you’re one of those “problem” companies, Angie’s List is NOT the place for you because people WILL post about it. But if you’re a reputable builder with a track record of customer satisfaction, they will also post about that — and they do!

Did I scare you off? I hope not!

Here’s What You Need to Do Right Now to Set Up

This will only take 15 minutes so please do this immediately!!!

Before you get started, pull your website up in one tab so you have all your information handy for easy copy and pasting. Then in a new tab, Go to the business sign-up page of Angie’s List, and click the button that says “Claim Your Profile.”

The website will quickly step you through searching for and claiming your business. Assuming you’ve done everything correctly, you should see this screen confirming your free registration. That only takes about two minutes. You’ll want to click the button that says “Access your profile” so you can finish setting it up which will take about 10 more minutes.

You should immediately be greeted by a popup from their website alerting you that your account needs some more information to be ready to greet the public. Have your website pulled up in that other tab and ready to go? Good. Let’s wrap this up and finish strong.  If you didn’t get that popup or accidentally clicked away, it’s easy to get back to it. Just hover your mouse over the menu item “Company Information” and click the “Edit Company Info” option.

You can see how close your profile is to competition from this screen. Go ahead and click that button off to the right that says “View Profile” if you want to take a look at how your public profile will look in their directory at this point.  Otherwise, scroll down through the page and paste that information from your website into each section.

You can fill in as much or as little information as you want. The more the better. Some of the areas you can manage from this screen are:

  • Full company contact information.
  • Company summary.
  • Upload photos and videos.
  • Your service area (you can select it on a map).
  • List the services you offer.
  • Payment details like types accepted, discounts offered, or free estimate availability.
  • Any insurance, licensing, or bonded information.
  • Manage any review that might have been left before you claimed your business.

That’s it! You’re Done Setting Up!

Easy, right! Start to finish should have only taken you about 15 minutes — 20 if you count reading this post along with it.

Let me reiterate right now why I firmly recommend you get setup with Angie: It’s a totally free online social media listing that will absolutely help you sell more services and your products. And I happen to believe that selling more of those items is an excellent thing.

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