9 Easy Ways Manufacturers and Builders Can Get Blogging Ideas

Blogging is one of the most influential aspects of content marketing. It’s also the most difficult to keep up with. You may feel like you don’t have time to come up with blog ideas on the fly — let alone write them into a great piece of content.

You’re not alone. While there are tons of reasons why businesses still aren’t blogging, you can get ahead of the curve in your field by producing fresh content for your website with each and every blog you post. Here are my top ten ways to get awesome blog ideas — with added bonuses within the building industry to get your creative mind headed in the right direction.

1. Analyze previous and potential clients 

Your previous clients and possible customers have some of the best ideas for blog posts. What questions do they have about what you do? How do they find out information about your products or services?

Potential clients will be looking to your blog to teach you something new about the business. Logging their questions on-site, on your website, and on previous blogs will give you a valuable resource to answer questions through your blog.

2. Focus on new products or services

If you’ve developed a new product or service, chances are your audience will have questions about it. If, for example, you’re a pool builder, the newest auto cover you’ve received or an additional service you can offer to current pool owners can spur your blog ideas in a new direction.

3. Search trends in your field

No-one knows this field the way you do. Take some time to research new trends in the industry to stay ahead of the curve. The more you open the forum on new trends, the higher your chances of attaining a growing audience searching on these trends.

4. Think about How-To’s

The almighty “How to” still reigns supreme in the click-thru world. Imagine how many of your audience might search for how to replace something themselves. How often would they like to hear from an industry professional? This provides a wellspring of ideas that are directly related to topics to help your audience learn more about your products and services.

5. Teach your readers about something new

Your readers look to you to be the industry expert. As you’ve talked with potential customers, what do they still have questions about? What about common myths associated with your services? This can also be related to service and maintenance if that is your focus. Once you go down this rabbit hole, you may find that you have more blog ideas than you thought.

6. Study questions on social media

Many businesses are seeing more responses and questions on their business social media profiles. This means more ideas for you to expand on in your blog. If a lot of your fans have the same question, turning that into a blog post encourages those fans to visit your blog and gives them an opportunity to find out more about your company as well as turning them into possible leads with call-to-actions on your site. It’s a win-win situation for you and them!

6. Think about negative comments or reviews

Have some bad reviews to respond to? Negative comments or reviews don’t have to be left unattended. While we always encourage you to follow up with your negative reviews and your response is more powerful than you can imagine, turn those questions or experiences into a blog post can aid in learning more about your customer’s needs and offer a follow-up to a potentially negative solution.

On a related note, case studies are also a great way to write about where your company has been with a focus on where your company is going.

7. Use Quora and other search sites

When you’re really looking for blog ideas, one of your best resources is right at your fingertips — search sites like Quora show you the questions other users had on related topics and can offer a fresh perspective on tired blogging. Other sites are MetafilterAsk.com, and Yahoo Answers.

8. Talk to your employees

Yes. Ask those that are thick in the weeds. Your employees are valuable resources for finding new blog ideas. Whether this is your on-site staff, sales representatives, or showroom managers, they know firsthand the questions and concerns your audience wants to know about. Pick their brains for ideas that you can turn into blogs.

9. Read other industry blogs

Your industry is full of leading professionals with a wealth of experience. Take a glance at their blog for helpful hints and ideas. You can spin off of their blog topics, come up with your own, and always make sure you take a local approach to the topics you address, this will help your local organic search and ad in distinguishing your pool company in your region.

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