6 Ways to Automate Your Marketing Like a Boss with These IFTTT Applets

You’ve decided on a domain name, picked the social media accounts that are best for you, mapped out your content calendar, and now you’re ready to hit the ground running… except the road seems to be moving a little too fast for you to keep up. No worries! There are some handy marketing automation platforms like If This Then That (IFFT) and Zapier to help you in your time of need. As marketers, that time is, well, always. Using any of these recipes below will trigger automated actions to make your life easier. This list is by no means the list, but rather a few that are particularly useful.

1. Instagram photos post as native Twitter pictures

Facebook owns Instagram, so they have no problem with the share-and-share-alike mentality. But Twitter is its own bag, and it’s not playing nice with Instagram anymore than it already is. If you’ve synced your Twitter account with your Instagram account then you already know that rather than a photo, you get a link to your Instagram account in your Twitter timeline. Maybe you prefer it this way if your current campaign is to build your Instagram following. Buf if you want those photos to post native like they do for Facebook, this is the IFFT


IFTTT Recipe: Post Instagram pictures as native Twitter pictures. A solution to the Twitter/Instagram feud. connects instagram to twitter

2. Download new Facebook photos you’re tagged into a Dropbox folder

This one gets a lot of use from me, especially when I’m working a conference or event. The ease of tagging Pages with Facebook means folks are constantly giving your business a shout out. It could be good or bad, but either way, you need to know. When an image is shared either on their own timeline or on yours and they tag you, this handy recipe will automatically download that picture to a Dropbox folder that you set up.

IFTTT Recipe: Download new Facebook photos you're tagged in to a Dropbox folder connects facebook to dropbox

3. Schedule reminders tomorrow for the emails you star in your inbox today

If “Inbox Zero” is not for you and you use your inbox as a sort of running to-do list, then you likely “Star” certain messages as a future reminder for yourself that you need to do something with the message. But how many emails do you get a day? How many starred messages have been buried and forgotten with leads lost and relationships damaged because of it? With this recipe, starring your emails will create events in your calendar. You can adjust the time interval to whatever Google’s quick event interface will understand, e.g. “10AM tomorrow.” IFTTT Recipe: Schedule reminders tomorrow for the emails you star in your inbox today connects gmail to google-calendar

4. Track your work hours free

Struggling with finding the best time-tracking platform? Apps like Toggl are great, but if you don’t have a need to track specific project hours then this is perfect. Never hassle with another time-tracking software – when you start work, press the button. When you stop working, press it again. Your work hours will be tracked automatically in a Google Spreadsheet.
IFTTT Recipe: Track your work hours connects do-button to google-drive

5. Share your Facebook Page’s status messages on LinkedIn

I only recommend this recipe as a short-term solution to getting updates out to your LinkedIn page since each social network should have its own strategy. But when you’re time-poor, this keeps your page updated. This Recipe shares any new status on your Facebook Page to LinkedIn.

To share link posts, use: http://ift.tt/1HMxSWv .

To share photo posts, use: http://ift.tt/1Fbmijs

IFTTT Recipe: Share your Facebook Page's status messages on LinkedIn connects facebook-pages to linkedin

6. Save tagged Instagram photos to Dropbox

This recipe is popular among brides and grooms getting married, but I use it for my own marketing purposes!  Whenever a user posts photos to Instagram with your suggested hashtag, that picture will automatically be saved to the Dropbox folder you specify. Great for events, promotions, and contests!

IFTTT Recipe: Instagram hash tag to Dropbox

When it comes to our workday, automating anything that doesn’t require a human touch gives us back so many hours in the day. Good luck out there!



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