Programmatic Agile Marketing Through Strategy, Operations, and Automation

My career has been built at the intersection of marketing, technology, and design. I work best with collaborators who prioritize trust, positivity, and quality. I revel in the quirky, the inspired, and the heartfelt.

My Work


How I Contribute

I am built to solve seemingly impossible challenges. As a creative strategist, my expertise in customer-centric development that efficiently leverages innovative solutions enables me to guide clients through processes proven to create orchestrated programs that enhance your overall work.

People-First Business Building

A user-centered approach to problem-solving for a measurable impact on business goals, and produces deep engagement.

Collaborative Buy In

Leading workshops and collaborative sessions with stakeholders.

Extreme Bias For Agile Execution

A deep commitment to an iterative approach to programs and products to accelerate launch & results.

Deep User Discovery

Interviews and insights to develop comprehensive psychographic, user journeys, and process engineering.

Vision-Powered Strategy

Strategy and tactics drawing upon insights, mission, vision, and values.

Data Stories & Intelligence

Leveraging both quantitative AND qualitative insights to enhance program performance.

Free Resources For You

Free Campaign Planning Worksheet + Budget

Complete with a budgeting calculator that will add up all your expenses on the fly, this worksheet will help you map out why you’re doing this, how to do it, how much it will cost, and who’s responsible for what.

Free Templates: Five Non-Profit Emails Your Org Should Be Sending

Email is essential for nonprofits to improve and maintain relationships. My quick-start guide will walk you through the five key emails you need to be sending, who you should send them to, and what they should say.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a sampling of some of my favorite free or freemium tools that I have used in my time as a digital growth strategist.

This worksheet has 11 different areas to consider when mapping out your personas. Each section has a brief, easy-to-understand explanation of exactly what you should be filling in for that particular section.

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