Selina is a Digital Marketing Lead with an Extreme Bias for Scalable Execution

Digital Marketing Lead & Coach

Programmatic Agile Marketing Through Strategy, Operations, and Automation

My career has been built at the intersection of marketing, technology, and design. Being a tech-savvy, strategic tactician means my expertise in technology-driven problem solving enables me to guide clients through scalable end-to-end processes proven to create orchestrated digital programs with a relentless pursuit of growth and an extreme bias for execution.  I work best with collaborators who prioritize trust, positivity, and quality. I revel in the quirky, the inspired, and the heartfelt. 

How I Contribute

Business Building

A user-centered approach to problem-solving for a measurable impact on business goals that produces deep engagement and conversions.

Collaborative Buy In
for All

Leading workshops, lunch-and-learns, or collaborative working sessions with stakeholders is an essential function of my role, regardless of the service.

Extreme Bias For
Agile Execution

A deep commitment to an iterative approach to programs and products to accelerate launch & results.

Deep User

Interviews and insights to develop comprehensive psychographic, user journeys, and process engineering.


Strategy and tactics drawing upon research, learnings, insights, mission, vision, and values.

Data Stories &

Leveraging both quantitative AND qualitative insights to enhance program performance.

My specialties include full-stack and agile marketing strategies that are customer-centric, modern marketing process creation that revolve around the revgen cycle, and automation sequences between disparate systems. I have provided marketing services nationwide to small, midsize, and enterprise level businesses as well as startups, nonprofits, civic groups, and grassroots political campaigns. I’ll empower your business to use digital solutions to reduce the drudgery in day-to-day work. 

Work With Me

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