5 Emails Your Nonprofit Needs to SEnd Right Now | Selina Bradley | Digital Marketing Consultant


I’m sorry to say that most of the nonprofits I have been a member of either as a board member, staff member, consultant, or volunteer, are terribly underutilizing their email capabilities. Email is essential for nonprofits to improve & maintain relationships. I cannot stress this enough. So I’ll say it again: Email is essential for nonprofits to improve and maintain relationships.

The list of topics you could send to your supporters is nearly endless. I'm sure you have no shortage of content, ideas, or campaigns. However, The key to successful emails is to create different types of emails to send to different types of contacts. That's why I've compiled this quick-start guide to walk you through the five key emails you need to be sending, who you should send them to, and what they should say. 

What we'll cover together:

  1. Emails about your organization
  2. Emails about upcoming fundraising events
  3. Emails to your team
  4. Emails to express gratitude
  5. Emails to sponsors and high-value donors

This is an introductory ebook to quickly get you up to speed on how to engage with your supporters to improve and maintain those oh-so-important relationships.  Enjoy!



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