5 New Modern, Clean Free Fonts For Your Next Project

Free Modern Clean Fonts

Let’s talk about fonts. I mean let’s really talk about fonts. I am a complete junkie and am proud to say that I can correctly identify a huge number of typefaces I see out in the wild. I appreciate smart kerning or a letter with an alternate character option, and I often share good finds with friends. And while I love a huge range of fonts, there is a special place in my heart for a sharp, clean, modern font that I can use for a wide range of uses. To me, a quality “modern font” is simple and crisp — it’s easy to read and looks as equally good on a presentation as it does on a stylized graphic. Let’s dig into my new font finds 😆 :

1. Tofino

The folks over at Lost Type really know what they’re doing. The Tofino font has eight weights that are designed to compliment each other. Created by the talented Alanna Munro, it was specifically created for screens. That means whatever you dream up will preview just as well on any screen as it does if you print it out. Again, Lost Type is a pay-what-you-want site, so while you can definitely download the Tofino font for free ($0), why not buy the designer a cup of coffee and toss a few dollars her way?

2. Bebas Neue

Maybe you’ve heard of the original Bebas font. Maybe not. But I will tell you this: Bebas was a go-to headline font of mine for years before I got a little tired of it. So what is it doing on this list? It’s been refreshed as Bebas Neue with three new weights including a very thing option — which I LOVE! I am a sucker for an easy-to-read thinline font. You can download it free over at FontFabric. I highly recommend bookmarking them or signing up for their updates because they are always releasing high-quality free fonts. This is is a site that should be on your radar.

Bebas Neue Thin Light Book Regular

3. Moritson

The Moritson font is available for free thanks to the kind efforts of Riley Cran over at Lost Type. This sans-serif font has six weights from light to very heavy that work beautifully together. Not only that, this grotesque-style font has support for over 200 languages and a huge variety of additional number styles. This beautiful font is so easy to look at. The thinnest weight is slowly becoming a new favorite of mine. Lost Type makes fonts available on a “pay what you want” scale where you can decide to pay as little as $0 all the way up to a hefty amount. These designers put hours and hours into their creations, so be sure to say ‘thanks’ by donating some cold hard cash in appreciation when you download the Moritson font for free.

4. Quaver Sans & Sans Serif

Quaver comes in both a Sans and Sans Serif style that totally compliment each other. They both have full character sets plus all the ligatures. The below sample sets don’t do these fonts justice. Hop over to the Quaver Font free download page and take them for a test drive with auto-updating font previews with your custom text input.


5. Akrobat

Akrobat is a lovely modern sans serif font with condensed proportions that comes in eight weights. The slightly narrow look means it works great in headlines, logos, and short paragraphs. Designed by Plamen Motev, it has over 500 glyphs with a huge range of language support. You can download the Akrobat font free for both personal and commercial use. Be sure to click the ‘Donate’ button on that download page to show your appreciation.

What are some fonts you’re really into right now?

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